Sewer Line

A big sign of clogged sewer line is the filthy sewage to back up from your drains and into your premises. As a result, you will face extensive damage to your flooring, appliances and walls. This untreated issue often ends up with the costly plumbing repair.

An ideal solution to this problem is identifying the sewer line clogs before it could become catastrophic. Following are the reasons behind clogged sewer line along with its effective solution.

Reasons Behind Clogged Sewer Line

  • Clog In Your Home

    The blockage in the sewer line can cause blockage in your home drain. It happens when you drain your bathroom waste, food & kitchen debris and excess grease. This will gradually buildup becoming a more significant issue in your drain system caused by a clogged sewer line.

  • Tree Roots

    The tree roots and shrubs in your yard grow any place where they find the source of water. Thus, the big tree roots nearby the sewer line can be the reason behind clogged sewer line.

  • Excessive Rainfall & Flooding

    The excess water from flood or rainfall often makes its way into the residential sewer line that leads to developing clogs and sewage backup.

  • Damaged Lines

    Damaged, collapsed or cracked sewer lines deliver signs similar to blocked sewer lines resulting in flooding and backup in your basement or yard.

If you suspect your sewer line is clogged, or it requires repair, then contact us at The Maple Roots. We are the leading plumbing services provider in Toronto. Call us today to request an estimate.

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