Drain Cleaning

Clogged drain causes slow drainage, insect & pest infestation and unpleasant odor. You might be trying to clear the clog yourself to save your cost of hiring the professional drain cleaning services.

But, DIY drain cleaning can result in several serious issues. You may end up deteriorating the problem. So, here are the simple reasons why you should avoid DIY drain cleaning techniques.

Risks Of DIY Clogged Drain Cleaning

  1. Ineffectiveness
    Boiling water and chemical drain cleaners can slightly break up your clog but fail to fix the bigger problem. Even if you invest in buying tools for drain cleaning, you may not be able to remove it completely because you are not trained to use these tools.
  2. Damage
    Drain cleaning chemicals can damage your septic tank when they interfere with the bacteria that can break down waste. Drain cleaning products that contain hydrochloric acid can severely affect your pipe. In case you use the tools to remove the clog, it can damage your pipe.
  3. Danger
    Cleaning your drain on your own can be dangerous as your hand may stick down when you pull out a clog. If you use boiling water to clear the drain, it may splash back into your face and could accidentally split on yourself.

Apart from these, you will be wasting your time and money on these tactics that will probably not work. Meanwhile, your clog in your drain may get worse.

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