5 Signs Your Drainage System Requires Cleaning Or Repair

In general, when you notice that your drainage system in the bathroom is not functioning well, it indicates an urgent requirement of a professional cleaner. Even, some people always complaints that they use the preventive tips then how it can occur any problem. Some people take this issue lightly and use their household techniques for instant solution. Remember, DIY techniques can’t provide a long way solution.

Do you ever think about the causes of the clogged drain? If no, you must know the reasons of not functioning drain so that you can prevent it get clogged in future.

Why Bathroom Drain Often Gets Clogged?

Stringy Stuff

There are many people who use the bathroom for flossing teeth, brushing hair and other activities. The loose hair is a big issue behind clogged drain. The dispose of dental floss and hair do not end up in your bathroom drain properly. Further, the hair made knots inside the bathroom drains clog it. Initially, it will become slower to remove the water and later it will release the dirty smell.

Wipes and Towelettes

Often, we use the baby wipes and cosmetic towelettes. These products tend easy to flush out, but the truth is they don’t break down. Gradually, they immerse in the water and stop the water to run smoothly. Even, if these items just have been flushed out of your home drainage, they can cause a big issue for the municipality’s sewage system. So, one is suggested to always throw the wipes and cosmetic towelettes in the dustbin.


It happens rarely especially when you have children in your home. The children tend to put their toys anywhere in your home, be it is your bathroom. Sometimes, they even throw your useful products in the drain. This is likely to be sorted out only by getting a major repair for your clogged drain.

In order to tackle the issues, hire the professional plumbing services at The Maple Roots. Our team of licensed and insured plumbers are ready to offer 24/7 emergency services to our residential and commercial clients.

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