5 Acts that are Ruining your Drain

When it comes to proper home plumbing care, you must know what is right or not to keep your drain system in working condition for a longer time. Unfortunately, people often ignore their drainage system condition that leads to unusual circumstances like a clogged drain. Some people are unable to give time to their drain maintenance which is acceptable in some cases. But, if you continue to neglect the drain cleaning, you will get severe damage over time.

Here is a list of your acts that are running your drain system.

Using Your Drain As Garbage Disposal

Disposing of the garbage through your drain is a common mistake. It leads to clogged pipes that initially deliver foul smell in your home or later cause clogged drain.

Skipping Regular Plumbing Inspection

Make sure to throw the food particles in the garbage bin, don’t put hairs in the drain and flush plenty of water to prevent clogs. Moreover, do the necessary inspection every month. Unfortunately, rare people follow these tips.

Use Of Chemical Cleaning Products

Chemical cleaning products may provide you instant solution but cause severe damages to your drain pipe. It slowly eats away your pipes and results in early damage.

Using Wrong DIY Techniques

Plumbing is a complex system that only professional can handle because they are well trained in this field. Unfortunately, some people prefer the DIY repairs to handle the minor issues which worsen the situation.

Flushing Unnecessary Objects In Toilet

Nothing should be disposed of in the drain except the human waste. Still, people used to throw the toilet papers, paper towels, toys, feminine hygiene products and a wide range of more unusual objects in the drain. The toilet drains empties into the main sewer line that can block your entire household if you neglect the prevention.

Keeping your household plumbing in working order is not complicated if you use proper care. In case, you end up getting difficulties with your sewer or drain system, the smartest decision is to call The Maple Roots. We have a team of licensed and insured plumbing experts in the GTA offering 24/7 services to our residential and commercial clients.

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