Backwater Valve Installation

Excessive rainfall, tidewater conditions, undersized piping and severe storms result in backwater problems. Installation of backwater valve helps to make the floods and sewage don’t come back into your basement. Usually, the devices help to keep your property dry and moisture-free. If you are one among them who still want to know why to install a backwater valve, there are primarily two reasons behind it.

  • You Live In Flood-Prone Area
    If you live in the area that receives a lot of rainwater or has occasional flash floods, backwater valve is best of you. That way, you can protect your home from flood water that often comes through the sewers and drainage pipes and end up damaging your home.
  • Your Home Utilizes Sump Pump
    However, sump pumps themselves can prevent floods they are not entirely reliable machine — a backwater valve considered as the backup when the worst happens. The unfortunate conditions could be when the water table around your residential area arises and falls. As the sump pumps work with motors, it can fail, but the backwater valve is useful failsafe when pump requires replacement.

Thus, backwater valves are becoming necessary in homes even in commercial sites. To keep your property safe from unexpected water damage, contact us at The Maple Roots and get the installation of backwater valves in GTA. We have a team of licensed plumbers provide you with 24/7 services at a reasonable cost.

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